Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Six week from now on

Right now in six weeks, I will be somewhere between Amsterdam and Minneapolis. Presumably. Duration of that flight: 9 hours 10 minutes. Total flight duration of my journey: 12 hours 41 minutes. Total duration from first lift of to last landing: 16 hours 56 minutes. What a looooong day.
Time from last landing to first lift of: 5 months 14 days 14 hours (round about).

This is gonna be the best time of life so far! And there is still so much to prepare ...

Last week, I had a dream somewhat about being there. I was making my bed in my dormatory, asking my (three) roommates how to use those unfamiliar sheet when I suddenly realised that I had forgotten my camera... That made me almost immediatly wake up. Obviously, this dream wanted to remind me on doing my packing list. I'd better not forget my camera!

So excited!