Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Hey du! Wie war deine erste Woche in München?

Hey Du!
Ich hoffe du kannst mir verzeihen, dass ich so lange gebraucht habe, um auf deine Nachricht zu antworten. Mittlerweile sind aus der einen Woche schon fast 5 geworden. Morgen habe ich bereits 4 Wochen gearbeitet, die ersten zwei davon noch ohne Projekt. In die Arbeit komme ich gut rein. Es gibt viel neues zu lernen für mich und für sowas bin ich ja immer zu begeistern! Auch der Grad der Professionalität bei der Arbeit begeistert mich vollauf, und trotzdem sind alle freundlich und es herrscht stets eine gute Atmosphere.
Auch in der Stadt gibt es - natürlich - viel neues für mich. Im Moment bin ich aber noch nicht so recht daran gewöhnt, dass ich jeden Tag so lange im Büro bin, so dass ich abends immer recht platt bin und kaum noch auf irgendwas Lust habe. So geht es auch in meiner Wohnung nur noch recht schleppend voran. Immerhin: Die Küche ist komplett eingerichtet. Es fehlen zwar noch ein paar kosmetische Kleinigkeiten (wie die Sockelleiste, ein paar Griffe und das Einlegeteil für die Besteckschublade), aber es geht immer mal wieder voran, und das tut richtig gut! Seit letztem Freitag ist meine Freunding nun auch nach München gezogen. Ich war dann zum Kistenschleppen da und danach für den Ikea-Einkauf und das Aufbauen der Schränke und des Bettes - es war ein anstengendes Wochenende, aber jetzt ist ihr Zimmer immerhin schon komplett eingerichtet.
Seit Samstag ist hier dann ja auch noch das Oktoberfest. Ich hatte zwar davon gehört, dass es groß ist, aber von der wahren Dimension dieser Veranstaltung hatte ich wahrlich keine Ahnung. Es ist echt gigantisch. Und es ist immer proppenvoll! So voll! So unglaublich voll!!! Man könnte berechtigterweise sagen, es ist ungefähr so voll wie es teuer ist :D
Ich freue mich sehr, dass du mich gefragt hast. Ich hatte mir vorgenommen, einen Blogeintrag über meine erste Zeit hier zu verfassen und ich glaube, wenn ich den Auslöser zum Schreiben dieses Berichts nicht gehabt hätte, dann hätte ich diese Idee wohl wieder gestrichen. So werde ich jetzt einfach diesen Brief nehmen und ihn auf meinen Blog tun, damit auch alle anderen, die es interessiert, etwas davon haben. Ich hoffe bald wieder zu schreiben, mal sehen, wie das wird...
Liebste Grüße

Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

Letter to a Friend

Dear Liam,

it's been a while since I met you in Amsterdam in the end of May.

The festival with my brothers has been great! Very ... festival-ish. :-D

The time thereafter has been rather.. well, active. Not actually too busy, as in stressfully-lots-of-work-to-do busy, but it didn't get boring either. I've spent a lot of time with my new girlfriend. It's been 6 weeks since she moved back to my town (well, neighboring town) and we've spent time together almost every day. If we don't meet, we talk on the phone, we chat or skype and it's not getting boring with her for a single minute!

She is so very energetic and we're pushing each other to more and more action every time. For example, she took me rock climbing in a gym. As a kid, I enjoyed klimbing all the trees in our garden and I thought I was rather good at it. I didn't climb on anything for a damn long time, hence, she tought me otherwise. She's been rock climbing constantly for the past three years, which puts her so far ahead of me and enables me to learn so much from her!
She also put me back on skates. I didn't skate for -I guess- 12 or so years and there's a good reason for that! :-D But right now, I'm thinking about buying a brand new pair of skates and I developed the high goal of running at least once in this public run in my city with her (which is called "Skate by Night"). Just two months ago, I would have never thought of this!

Luckily, I'm able to return some of the favour. She discovered the piano at my parents house. I had lessons myself when I was a kid for about 2 or 3 years (I can never quite tell...), but at some point I lost interest. As a teenager, other things became more interesting and my parents were'nt pushing enough to keep it going. But I see the prediction of my teacher coming true, saying that I'd be able to get back into it quite well. My girlfriend, however, has never played the piano before. She can read music, though, and now she's picking up playing the piano really fast. It's very inspiring to watch and it -again- pushes me, too, to play again! And I enjoy it a lot!

Talking about music, I can't stop listening to this song, while I'm writing to you:
You might or might not remember, that this song was played at the Bulldog and I was totally amazed by it. It was on Saturday, the night of the football game. You sent me a picture with the title and the artist and I just now rediscovered it. It seems, I'm amazed by it, again :-D

So, how are you doing? How is life treating you? Back in England now? Did everything went alright with that? Did you re-acclimatise?

So you say, you've put a plan together for first phase of the project. That's cool! Sounds good! I'm really interested to hear about it! I still think it is a great thing and I'm happy to be a part of it. Also, I really want to start putting own projects into practice.
Yeah, we can skype, sure thing! How about this Sunday? Or is it too short term? Or is it not important anymore? Am I too late?

As far as I can tell now, I should be able to make room for this project. I still have some hours of work to do at the uni, but it's not quite worth mentioning. However, the timeframe isn't too big, either. I have to prepare my relocation to Munich slowly but surely now. Finding a room or appartment is said to be rather tough down there and I will probably have to personally go there quite a lot to successfully do so. But going down there, on the other hand, also means a couple of hours that I'd be able to work each way ;-)

I'm getting really excited about the future right now: The new job, the new city, my new girlfriend - who's hopefully joining me to the new city ^^ also this project - just like the last one I was lucky to be part of - is gonna get big, I can feel it! It's gonna be big in some extent! ;-)

Hoping to hear from you soon!
Your friend

Andre B.