Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011


So it has started.
To give you something to read during the holidays, here's a little update on what's going on with me.

The semester has now officially ended. On Friday, 12/16, I had my presentation for my project and blasted it! Afterward, I had to clear my room and pack my suitcase for the roadtrip. Since I moved out of the dorm, I'm officially homeless now... but that's ok. I will probably sleep on random couches or in a tent for the next couple of weeks. But let's keep this in order.

So on Friday, we got the car and it took surprisingly long to get everything set up and leave Bozeman. It was 7:45 when we finally left the city in direction of the West Coast. First stop: Superior. Yep, that's the name of a town.
We stayed for a night at a friends house; a family that is probably most accurately described with the word 'hillbilly' – but very lovely and welcoming people nonetheless! The majority of us took the opportunity and stayed in a tipi for the night after having a great evening with our friends and the family.
The next day, we had a hard time to get going. Between gun shooting and horse trails there was a lot to discover and experience. We finally headed out to our next planned stop around 2.30, starting the 7 hour drive to Seattle.
I have to say, Washington truly is a beautiful state! And stereotypically enough, the moment we entered the state, we ran into a wall of fog that stayed along our way for at least two hours!
In Seattle, we stayed at another friend's house, probably as contrary to where we had stayed before as it gets. We stayed for two nights, which gave us one day to get an impression of downtown Seattle. We discovered Pike Market, went on a ferry across the bay and back, and checked the nightlife of this city of intellectuals, authors, and artists. Bottom line: Little San Francisco (as it is called because of its numerous hills) is definitely worth a second visit, although Sunday's nights don't seem to be the best time to go out.
After another delayed start, we are now on the Interstate 5 South, going towards Portland, Oregon. This will be our third stop in the forth state we pass.

That's about it for now, stay save, folks, see y'all later!

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